Motivated by the creation of unique desserts on the market, Zero+4 has specialized in the production of gluten-free pastries for 10 years. The company's commitment is to offer products of the highest quality, taking care of every detail to provide a delightful multisensory experience in every dessert.

Our challenge was to create eco-friendly packaging for ZERO+4 line desserts, that conveys the brand´s values and builds a language that speaks with the target market.
As a team, we search which format, materials, and trends, would let us develop a concept that could represent the soul of the company and be appealing to the target market. My contribution as a designer was being involved in the development of the label, structural packaging, and rendering of the product design to tell the story of our concept. Come and see the process!

"Healthy is a Must not a Plus"
Zero+4 wellness desserts' audience is people that consume food because of the meaning behind the brand. They consider food as means of connection and affection. 

Having clear information about what they are eating is significant at the moment of choosing what to purchase. Even though they look for convenience, their decision-making is considerably motivated by environmental responsibility.
"Simple and Bold, Healthy is Core"

We found meaning in the numerology around the brand: Zero or a circle, represents perfection, cycles, and harmony, number 4 is considered the most balanced and stable number, it transmits trust. For the branding and packaging, we chose four characteristics we wanted to achieve in the development of the project.
We inspired ourselves from other vegan and healthy products, they all converge in boldness, textures, geometric forms, and pops of color.
Our concept is crafted from the Italian word "Indefettibile", without flaws,  for the simple reason that Zero+4 is the wholesome choice
We chose to represent the unbeatable through the pureness geometrical elements bring.
 The color logo variation is applied to differentiate each line of mousse desserts from Zero+4
Our goal is to make the packaging the main element of communication.
The label design for each dessert line has a pattern of the product´s main ingredient, and the rhythmic line elements from the logo are also placed to reinforce the brand´s language.
"Convenient for Transport and User"
The goal of structural packaging design is to remain simple and practical, using a cylinder, we aligned the packaging to the brand´s language (geometric bold forms) and created a convenient way of transportation for the company, the supermarket, and the end-user.

The lid and the bottom of the cup have rings that allow them to assemble, this way it´s easier to set on the supermarket shelves and take home by the customers.
Lid 4 Compost, Cup 4 Paper
As designers, we have the duty of collaborating with sustainability, choosing the right materials for a minor CO2 print, and, helping the consumer identify those materials for any easier disposal of the packaging is an essential part of the human center design. ​​

The cup is made with BillerudKorsnäs FibreForm® formed paper, this material can be smoothly molded with details such as assembly rings, and the lid is crafted from compostable PLA.

To guide the consumer in the recycling process, Zero+4 packaging has written on the interior where the parts of the packaging have to be placed once the product has been finished.

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