Every year Tequila Patrón Spirits develops a Limited Edition Silver 1-Liter  bottle for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. This product presentation is the promise of Premium and Quality the company is associated with worldwide, is the synonym of perfection.
In this year´s edition, the Metallic Stopper combined with the Bottle’s Label portrays the main elements involved in the transformation of the blue agave plant into Tequila.
In this project, I participated in different stages of product development. My first task was creating the stopper's product design, looking for the best solution that could be manufactured with Guala Closures technology, and respecting the customer's requirements regarding aesthetics and quality.
Later on, I built 3D aesthetic dummies for marketing evaluation and photoshoots. Once the final proposal and finish were approved I contributed with the Quality Team in generating quality standards with which the production area would evaluate the product. 
There were many challenges in this project, the product is targeted at a premium market, and sensorial qualities such as weight, appearance, and smoothness play an important role in how the brand is perceived by the customer. 
Our goal was to engrave the process of Tequila through unmouldable graphics and reproduce it in a plastic injection mass production. 
The stopper should be an aesthetical piece full of movement, it had to weigh around 85 grams and simulated the aluminum embossing used in Mexican Crafts. At the simple sight of the user, the fact that the object was made of plastic would be unnoticeable.  


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