A third of the food that is produced is wasted somewhere in the supply chain and in households, we must find solutions to reduce the food loss, and give new life and value to food waste.  
Since I can remember Food has always been wasted, instead of being within the reach of people who needs it, it just gets wasted. We must ask ourselves how we can participate in developing creative solutions that can prevent corporate food wastage? 

In the Zero Waste 3-day workshop guided by Food Designer Katja Gruijters, the challenge we were tasked to do was to work with one of the main foods from Italy that gets wasted somewhere in the supply food chain and design a solution to overcome it.

To start this task and get our ideas flowing we analyze the food waste we had disposed of the day before and started questioning ourselves, what type of second life could be achieved for these products?

Afterward, we were assigned to work with a specific and interesting product: Cow Milk. My role in this project was to participate in research, concept development, and logo and packaging design. Come and see the design process that took place!
90 percent of the UK’s milk waste comes from the home, 
which is the equivalent of more than 490 million pints of milk 
as a nation per year.

WRAP’s research shows that more than anything else, keeping milk at the right temperature is essential to stop it from spoiling early, and the typical UK fridge at home is operating at 2°C warmer than the recommended Food Standards Agency guideline of between 0-5 degrees. Moreover, many people don’t know what temperature their fridge is running at or have any easy way of knowing how to set it to the right temperature.

How might we prevent MILK from being wasted?
How might we give MILK a second life?

To better view our research findings, we create a mental map. One of the key insights we found was that whole milk with one level of pasteurization can be transformed into other dairy products. On the other hand, ultrapasteurized milk has gone through several processes doesn´t allow the diary to have a second life.  

Overcoming Milk Waste must be achieved by creating an integrated strategy, where we educate the consumer on how to prevent food waste and craft the right conditions to make it happen. 
Moofresh is a delivery service that promotes the use of 
fresh pasteurized whole milk and guarantees it will arrive at your door. 
It prevents milk from being wasted, transforming the leftovers into other dairy 
products, and giving the milk a second life.

Mimica Touch is a patented label that tells you exactly when food spoils. It is calibrated to degrade at the same rate as food and adjusts to conditions along the way.

Why trust the bumps over the Use By Date?

Food is subjected to so many scenarios and temperatures that do affect how long it will stay fresh. Because the Mimica Touch label responds to all of these temperature variations in the same way food does, checking for the bumps is a much more reliable method to determine the exact freshness of food.

To present our Moofresh Delivery Service we took it from paper to a tridimensional experience, where our guests could go through the process the user would go, and expose what are the ways to transform milk from the kitchen of your household.
 guarantees you 
will always receive 
fresh milk at
 your door"

Every three days new milk will arrive at your home (fresh milk has a life cycle of 5-7 days, picking it up on day 3 increases its chances to have a second life) and your leftovers will be picked. For the leftovers you will receive MOONEY, these credits can be used to pay for your milk subscription or other Moofresh products.

Moofresh app is a teaching tool too, it helps you learn how to transform milk in your house into other dairy products. You can also get notifications of what your leftovers have been transformed into.

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